A new handcrafted Chinese Dragon has just arrived from China for the forthcoming Liverpool Chinatown Chinese New Year celebration, the Year of Monkey. The Dragon is hancrafted by traditional dragon craftsmen in China, the family have been in the industry for over 100 years and has been passed down from generation to generation, so we are very excited to see if finished !! Before a new Dragon is used in a performance, it is customary for them to have their eyes opened, and effectively be “brought to life”. The traditional ceremony will be held in Chinatown by the Liverpool Hung Gar Kung Fu school under the arch in Chinatown 6:30pm Thursday 28th January. There will also be fire cracker display to awaken the ancient beast. The event is free for the public, please come and join in the traditional ceremony.



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16/02/2016 10:36pm

There will also be fire cracker display to awaken the ancient beast. The event is free for the public, please come and join in the traditional ceremony.

21/04/2016 8:02am

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Hey New Chinese Dragon is amazing, thanks really.

09/05/2016 12:53pm

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