I have spent a productive day at Spaces remote office facility in Merseyside’s digital, media and creative flagship, Liverpool Tea Factory, Wood street, Liverpool City centre. This Co-working hub situated in half way between Liverpool One and Chinatown: a perfect location from your door step of workplace to the vibrant commercial centre of Merseyside!

I enjoyed my office work at Spaces Liverpool. It provides co-working environment with convenient facilities, friendly surrounding, most importantly, very supportive staff who always ready listening to your needs with swift response! Resilient working space for registered members and flexible contracts can be requested from Spaces Liverpool tailoring every ambitious and creative entrepreneur’s needs amongst early step of company establishment.

Spaces also has a calendar full of business and social events to bring their community together. They encourage their occupants to collaborate and get to know each other, so business referrals can be made. These events are open to the general public as well as Spaces members. The next networking event host by Spaces Liverpool will be small and medium enterprises (SMEs) growth guidance and networking on 1st June 2017. Please visit Spaces website for more details.

Spaces Liverpool is leading a fresh change from traditional perception of isolated remote office with limit supports to more fashionable, combining unique features of resilient, convenience, friendly and supportive co-working environment in fulfilling your entrepreneurial expectation! Please visit https://www.spacesworks.com/ to request a tour and a day trial and feel the fresh creative working style!   

我在Spaces遠程辦公室裏體驗了一個有效率的工作天。值得一提的是Spaces遠程辦公室座落在集數碼媒體創新為一體的利物浦 Tea Factory, Wood street大樓。這座大樓位於Liverpool One和唐人街之間,是您辦公同時接觸墨西郡最富動感的商業中心的上佳之選!

我很享受在Spaces Liverpool工作的每一刻。這個共同工作的遠程辦公室為我們提供方便的設施,友善的環境,最重要的是友善提供一切支援的遠程辦公室的管理人員。他們盡心聆聽顧客的需求並及時提供協助!Spaces Liverpool為每一位充滿雄心的初創企業家提供靈活的租期合約或為每一位上會會員提供彈性的工作空間。

Spaces Liverpool還組織一系列的商業網絡聯繫活動。他們鼓勵每位在這個共同工作的遠程辦公室裏的企業家們多作相互聯繫了解,增加了他們互利共贏的機會。大部份的商業網絡聯繫活動是向會員或公眾開放的,而且完全免費。下一個免費活動是在六月一日有關中小企業發展指導的講座聯誼會。詳情請登入Spaces的網站查詢。

Spaces Liverpool正帶領一股改變一貫遠程辦公室的隔離和服務不全狀況的新潮流。為初創企業家們提供方便的,有彈性的,友善支援的共同工作遠程辦公室服務。盡心滿足您們初創企業家的期望!請登入https://www.spacesworks.com/申請一天免費體驗Spaces Liverpool帶給您的創新工作感受!



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